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On Gandhi Jayanti Swachh Bharat Abhiyan conducted by KKC

Lucknow ( kamran Khan ) – Conducted cleanliness drive for creating awareness among the public about the cleanliness of the Lucknow city. Shri Jai Narain P.G. college lucknow NSS students actively participated in creating awareness by taking door to door campaign to the public, informing them about the importance of cleanliness. The students took the initiative to clean the surrounding of vicinity. The total number of students who participated in the campaign were 60. Dr. Archana maurya  and her team members with NSS students conducted street play on Swach bharat Abhiyan in hazratganj area, for creating awareness about cleanliness to the public. On Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, NSS volunteers took plastic collection drive in the college campus and the vicinity. Students cleaned the campus area and the surrounding of A. P. Sen Road, Charbagh, hazratganj . The plastics collected were disposed off safely by the volunteers. About 60 students participated.

NSS volunteers along the teachers in charge Dr. Balvant singh , Dr. Archana maurya  , Dr. Anil tripathi , Dr. Saman khan and office staff visited A. P. Sen Road, Charbagh for creating Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Awareness and keeping surrounding clean. Volunteers made the best efforts by giving information on positivity of Swachhta Abhiyan and personally visiting each house. They performed street play for the same.

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